Breeched Baby

A patient was recommended by her MD to come to the clinic to get moxibustion to turn her breeched baby. She was treated on Tuesday, and was recommended to come for 2 more treatments before her next check up. She called to cancel today because the baby turned over. This is something we commonly treat with great results as acupuncturists. I think this helps people see the validity of Chinese Medicine, an immediate physical result. Chinese Medicine also treats a wide variety of illnesses. Turning a breeched baby is a small (but very important part) of the reproductive process. We also treat infertility to help people get pregnant, and labor induction if the baby is not coming, as well as many other diseases related to pregnancy such as morning sickness or back pain. We also treat diseases that can arise after pregnancy, such as post partum depression and fatigue. We can also treat some of the acute sicknesses of babies and small children, such as colic, fever or the common cold. The reproductive system and pediatrics are two branches of Chinese Medicine among many. Turning a breeched baby is a leaf on the tree of Chinese Medicine.

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